Using the App

How To Use The App

Below is a guide on how to use the app.

Should you need further assistance, or want to arrange group training, please contact us via your preferred method on the right.

  • Search for “Construction Safety” in the Apple APP Store or Google Play Store
  • Apple APP store Link –
  • Google Play Store Link –
  • The main menu helps you to easily navigate to the features you want to use.
  • View the Operational Health & safety Act
    • Find the Act, regulations and appointments related to General Operational Safety and sepcifically Construction Safety.
  • Do an inspection
    • Find any of the Construction regulations to complete while you’re on site
  • Inspection History
    • View all the previous inspections you have completed on your device
  • Find Department of Labour Branches
    • View all the Dol Branches in South Africa with their contact details
  • Find the menu item you are looking for
  • View the files on your device
  • Send files via e-mail
  • To unlock all available inspections please buy the package using your credit card
  • Monthly Excavation inspection is avialable free for you to test the functionality
  • You can view definitions and the regulation attached to each inspection
  • Enter all your details and name the inspection you are doing
  • Attach up to three photos from your device camera or gallery
  • Answer all the questions trough a simple yes or no selection. If your anser is “no” the App will ask for a comment to explain your answer.
  • Add your signature to the inspection when you are done
  • Choose to only save the completed inspection to your device or to save and immediatly send via e-amil to your supervisor or other stakeholders.
  • View all the previous inspections you completed on your device.
  • Choose to view the inspections for reference or share them via e-mail.
  • Please note that inspections are stored on your device and will be removed when you change devices.
  • We included the details of all Dol Branches in South Africa in the Construction Safety App.
  • Navigate to the Province and the specific branch.
  • View details about the branch such as their operating hours, telephone number(s) and addresses.

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