What Does Our App Do For You

Our App adds value at various levels within organizations that either work in the Health and Safety industry, or are affected by its regulations and implementations.

If you have a frequently asked question about our App this page will explain that to you. If your question is not answered here please feel free to contact us via your preferred method from the options on the right.

You can download the Construction Safety App at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The App is free to download for a trail run and the full version costs R169.99.

You can use the Construction Safety App without internet connection, except when you want to e-mail the completed inspections you will need an internet connection. You can save your inspections on your Construction Safety App, until internet connection is available.

No password in needed for the Construction Safety App.

You can download the Construction Safety App on any Android or Apple device.

Though the app is mostly based on the Construction Regulation, it is also user friendly for organisations outside of the construction field, as you can conduct, General Inspections such as Safety Health and Environmental Representative (SHE Rep), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Toilet Facilities, Fire Equipment, Ladder etc. relevant to your specific field.

The App is easy accessible and less time consuming.

Small firms can afford to construct and implement the mobile Construction Safety App.

The OSHACT can be viewed from the Construction Safety App anytime anywhere.

Appointments are available on the Construction Safety App and can be completed and send via email.

Switching to a mobile App for inspections will improve efficiency and collect the same information in a fraction of the time that paper requires. Using the Construction Safety App fir site inspections also reduce errors. Handwriting can be unclear or misread while Construction Safety App provides clear text.

How Does The App Work

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